Stories that Move




Listen / Collaborate / Spread

I've been shooting and editing since I was 15. I love visual story-telling. My work is rooted in honesty, and most of my experience is with documentary and non-fiction.   

My first publicity experience was as an environmental health organizer at Clean Water Action. From there, I found my way to Center for Story-based Strategy, where we partnered with national social movement groups to package visionary campaign stories and support political imagination. I worked as Director of Communications at Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), upgrading the brand and designing digital strategies for large systems with complex messages. I am inspired by teaching the Holistic Vision and experimenting with learning and engagement practices at Infinite Growth, a creative home I founded in 2016. 

I live north of Boston with my wife Erin and dog Clover, on the Ipswich River. I am also at home floating in the ocean, growing food, laughing, cooking, meditating, talking about communications strategy, story-telling, and imagining new realities - in my own life and in our society. I graduated with honors from Mount Holyoke College and Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Everyday I hope to learn something new, and I learn best by observation and experience.





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